What are the limitations of the Demos ?

  • The CGI-DFSAP demo is limited to 1-ft diameter pile and only 2 layers of soils. The pile group will be also limited to 3 x 3 pile group.
  • The CGI-SSAP demo is limited to one type of soil and one type of piles.


What type of Techincal Support do you offer ?

CGI provides a full year of free technical support that starts from the purchase date. The technical support includes the following:

  • Program installation
  • Assistance in design problem characterization (soil and pile properties)
  • Output data interpretation
  • Program upgrades. For substantial upgrades, the client will be charged the difference in prices of the two versions.

The CGI also offers a full-day training course on the concepts and capabilities of the program along with the employment of the program

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